Art Quilts

Joy and I (Ross) met while working at hospice and we instantly knew we were kindred spirits. That’s why I’m so excited that she is joining us for our sale on Saturday.

Joy Walker is a writer, caregiver advocate, and artist. She maintains a popular, award-winning blog about caregiving, dementia, and end-of-life at,

From an early age, Joy has picked up found objects in nature – loving their organic shapes and beautiful colors and textures. She began quilting eight years ago as a way to use color and form while creating something useful. Joy builds her mixed media creations by starting with small, colorful, hand-stitched quilts, then adding layers of appliqué, feathers, antique keys, charms, semi-precious stones, beads, shells, wire, and other natural finds. The work is then hung from a beautiful, naturally harvested branch or driftwood. Each piece is a small, self-contained story that whispers its secrets to those quiet enough to hear and enjoy.

Joy lives in Seattle, Washington.

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